Energy Tap Counselling and Consultation Services has grown out of a dream and a belief system.

We believe in the power of authenticity. In 2006 Tracy entered a training program where people were encouraged to be authentic and real with one another. She was so impacted by this experience and felt that others needed to feel this in their lives as well. Over many years she has grown to believe in the healing capacity that all people have. We are committed to helping people reach their full potential through authentic and meaningful encounters.

Tracy is committed to ensuring that our team works with creativity, honesty and awareness.

We want you to feel that you are seen, and heard. You guide us on the path that is your life. We will stop you at intervals as we explore what is in the here and now. We may look ahead to what you want and we may look behind to see where your conditioning is impacting the here and now experience. No matter where you are on your path we encourage movement toward your authentic experience.


Tracy Miles is a registered psychotherapist and Author. She has over 30 years in clinical practice, working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She has worked in many settings across the Province of Ontario. Tracy brings a passion for connection to everything she does.

She is witty, passionate and full of energy. Tracy began Energy Tap in 2007 because she wanted to grow and expand her experience of connection with humans. She has a deep belief that everyone has a wisdom within them. She has witnessed how powerful it can be when someone turns toward themselves and the answer is right there. This experience is what moves her to keep expanding her view of how human connection can heal.


Fred has been working in the field for over 26 years. His experience is with individuals and families who struggle with addiction issues. His specialty is gambling addictions.

Fred has a passion for the human experience, and he is driven to help people connect to themselves. He is a lover of music, he believes that music has the power to heal. He also believes that laughter is a strong medicine. He brings a light heart to his work.


Jennifer is a Registered Social Service Worker offering individual counselling to adults seeking support with life’s many challenges.

With over seven years experience supporting a variety of client populations, Jennifer focuses her expertise on concerns related to anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life transitions, self-esteem and specific mental health disorders. She believes that each individual has the power and ability to authenticate their life, and works collaboratively with her clients on establishing the awareness, skills and confidence needed to discover their best selves.

Jennifer’s warm and caring nature helps her to easily connect with others empathetically and genuinely, creating a safe space to look inward and explore each individual’s path to resilience.



Kayley is an energized and passionate clinician. She uses her empathetic, honest & humorous approach to form a strong and trusting connection with her clients. The therapeutic relationship is key & Kayley deeply values building that foundation in the work she does. 

She supports her clients in taking steps towards strengthening their relationships with themselves and finding a safe space to grow into their authenticity. Kayley works with each client, couple & family to build their “tool box” of strategies & coping mechanisms in session, as well as finding resources to continue their self work outside of session. She has lots of flexibility with in person & online sessions and is here for you whenever you are ready to reach out. 

Kayley is experienced working with youth, young adults and also runs a weekly men’s psychotherapy group in Hamilton. She is now welcoming new members for a Wednesday evening mens group in Toronto. 

Contact Kayley at wynnetherapy@gmail.com for more information.


Ashley is a Registered Psychotherapist with 8 years of experience supporting individuals, couples, and family systems that navigate mental health and addiction challenges. She has specialized training in behavioural addictions, which include gambling, technology overuse, overspending, and hyper-sexuality issues.

Ashley has an eclectic and trauma-informed approach in her practice at Unwind The Mind. She is compassionate, humorous, and her strongest desire is to be present and engaged in your care. Ashley also facilitates the weekly Men’s Psychotherapy Group on Thursdays. 

Contact Ashley at ashley.unwindthemind@gmail.com for more information.


Jessica is a RSSW with over 15 years’ experience supporting individuals living with mental health as well as crisis intervention work. She is passionate about her journey of providing her clients with the tools and skills she has learned through her own journey of professional development as well as personal experiences.

Jessica has a natural ability to build trusting therapeutic relationships with all. She works from a trauma informed lens and has a knack for understanding and providing nonjudgmental counselling for youth, people with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder, and young adults. She also has a deep compassion for working with parents.

Contact Jessica at jessicaaubertintp@gmail.com for more information.


I care about supporting folks through difficult emotions, experiences and behavioural patterns that might be creating barriers in their lives. My primary goal as a therapist is to create a safe environment where I can help you to get in touch with your own wisdom and intuition. I believe that whomever I work with brings unique value into the space, and I am passionate about connecting with it. I approach therapy from a strength based and trauma informed lens. I offer balance in skill development and exploration of self. My primary focus is supporting individuals who experience complex mental health including anxiety and depression, body image and self esteem, relationship issues and family dynamics. Let’s embrace the human experience!

Contact Leah at submergecounselling@gmail.com for more information.



Sasha comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and skills in counselling, statistics and administration.

Sasha keeps us all organized and she is usually your first contact with the Energy Tap team. Sasha has worked in the areas of homelessness, needle exchange, residential addictions and private practice.

Her passion for personal growth and self exploration is what fuels her desire to help you find the best match in a therapist. She has an excellent sense of humor and desire to lift up the people around her.

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