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Energy Tap Counselling and Consultation Services is a private and confidential counselling and psychotherapy experience for individuals, couples, families and organizations.

We believe that everyone has the ability to find their own answers to any dilemma they are facing in life.

Awareness is the key to change. When you are aware of something you are better able to produce change. Energy Tap provides individuals with the support needed to explore their effectiveness in order to produce positive change. Positive change occurs when self awareness is increased and support is provided.

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Who’s at your table with Tracy Miles


Energy Tap Counselling & Consultation Services began many years ago by Tracy Miles – An experienced psychotherapist and consultant with years of experience working with individuals and organizations

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Energy Tap provides counselling and psychotherapy services. We offer support to individuals, families and couples who are seeking a deeper connection with themselves and others. Our services are located in Hamilton ON.

We also offer support to other helpers in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. Tracy offers Clinical Supervision to people who are wanting to deepen their practice. We also provide consulting services to agencies across Canada in the healthcare sector.

Having A Relationship With Yourself with – Tracy Miles

Sitting with our own suffering is a very hard thing to do. We need to learn “to be” with it first.

This is the final video in our “who’s at your table” series. This one focuses on the “how” of it all. It is one of the models we use to help people explore t…

The 3rd video in our series. This one is called the emotional parts model. We are made up of many parts and systems. This video invites you to explore emotio…

This video is the first in a series of 4 videos. These videos give you a sense of how we approach exploring therapy. We believe that everyone has an inherent…

We believe that you have a powerful part of you. A part of you that knows what you need, and how to meet that need. Many of us have disconnected from this pa…

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