Discover the transformative power of kindness towards yourself with our Self-Compassion Workshop.

In a world where we often extend empathy and understanding to others while neglecting our own needs, learning the art of self-compassion is not just a skill—it’s a necessary act of survival and self-care.

Join us for an immersive journey where you will:

  • Unpack the Essence of Self-Compassion: Delve into what it means to truly be kind to yourself, and why it’s the cornerstone of resilience and well-being.
  • Embrace Your Humanity: Recognize your shared experiences and connect with others in a space that celebrates our collective imperfections.
  • Master Mindfulness: Equip yourself with mindfulness techniques that will help you navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and composure.
  • Transform Self-Criticism into Self-Care: Learn how to quiet your inner critic and become your own supporter, especially in times of struggle.
  • Develop a Compassionate Inner Voice: Through guided meditations, reflective journaling, and supportive discussions, find and foster a kinder inner dialogue.
  • Create a Sustainable Practice: Leave with a personalized action plan that fits self-compassion seamlessly into your daily life.

Our Self-Compassion Workshop is more than an event—it’s the beginning of a new relationship with yourself. Led by Tracy Miles RP, RSSW. Tracy creates a nurturing environment, where you are asked to slow down, tap in, and access the wealth of information inside. You’ll gain not just knowledge, but practical tools and a community of support to continue your practice.


Spaces are limited—secure your spot now and embark on a life-changing weekend. Your heart, mind, and future self will thank you.



WHERE: 430 York Blvd, Hamilton

COST: $120.00 (per person)


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