How Do You Start Living Your Purpose?

I was recently asked, How do you start living your purpose when you can't get the people who you are close to going in the same direction you are moving? This question really struck a chord with me and I posted my thoughts on facebook..You can't take people where they don't want to go. You are responsible for the call (purpose) that is on your life, and it is your duty to become and do all that God has called you to. Time to release the weight of those who may be slowing you down and go with God. The post fostered many likes and comments which made me realize that there are a lot of people who are simply settling to function outside of their purpose, because they are trying to pull other people along with them.

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I can easily relate to the question, because this was my burden for many years. I surrounded myself with people who did not live purposefully and who we're always caught in the drama of much so, until they became the misery that loved company in my life. They we're always saying things like, you can't do that, It won't work, Its too hard, etc. There was always an issue or struggle that led to remaining in the comfort zone of jobs we hated, relationships that we're toxic, and activities that we're not working for us. I finally got smart and realized that if I was going to go anywhere, I had to move from the crowd of negative and hook up with people whose lives we're governed by purpose and vision.

I must admit, I was afraid. For the first time in my life I accepted full responsibility for my life, without blaming my husband, friends, family or anyone. Here are the steps that led to my liberation from negative people:

  • Make a list: Once I decided that I wanted to live a life of purpose and positive expectation I began to look at the people around me. I was challenged by a mentor to make a list of the people in my circle and decide if these people added value to my life or took away from it in any way.
  • Make a Decision: After making the list, I had the task of making a decision about the people on the list. Did they lift my life or cast burden? I had to make a decision based on the truth of who these people we're in my life. I had to tell myself for the first time in my life that I could no longer drag them along, because we wanted different things. I had to decide to spend less time with them or leave the relationship all together. I had to make a decision to stop using them as an excuse and EXCUSE myself from the relationship. I had to decide if I wanted the relationship, or wanted to progress to a purpose-driven place of living.
  • Take Action: Finally I had to take massive action toward the change I wanted in my life. I hired a life coach to add the motivation and accountabilityI needed in my life to begin living a purpose-driven life. I limited my time with people who I found to weigh me down. (They we're all thinking, Whats wrong with Detrell? since they did not see me that much anymore.) I ended several relationships all together. I looked for mentors who I saw living lives governed by purpose, and sought their counsel.

Doing these three things will help you change your life. These three simple actions have changed my life immensely. In fact, people who have seen me move from complaining, to living my purpose have now been inspired to do the same. They, too, changed their circle of friends and began taking steps toward the life that was Calling them.

If you're ready to live out your purpose and get beyond the negative relationships in your life, I can help you. We've created several coaching option to help you get what you want quickly to live a life of purpose, passion and productivity.

If you'd like to learn more we should get acquainted. Make it a Great Day!

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