Sorry to be the bearer of sad news, but coaching as we used to know it and some people still try to teach it, is dead. It had a feeble existence at best, which is why only the truly top coaches we're ever very successful because they dared to do things differently.

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So, when is a coach not a coach? Answer: in the 21st Century, when he or she is a mentor a consultant a person of influence and persuasion who doesn't follow the book. Today's successful coach combines the best of coaching with what might otherwise be called mentoring and consulting for optimal results.

The reason for our success even in the early days was because we weren't "coaching" well, we were, but we we're also mentoring, consulting and using the wisdom and power of our influence, backed by our knowledge and experience, to persuade our clients to take certain actions that we knew would work for them. Those who weren't and we're coaching strictly by the book we're falling by the wayside and paying coaches like myself thousands of dollars to learn our "secrets" (which I gladly shared and still do to this day.)

There are many reasons for this change in the coaching environment. The economy today is not what it was a few years ago, when coaching was still enjoying it's flush of youth. Everybody was enjoying healthy incomes back then and eager to spend it on self-development programs and coaching. In fact, they spent it on all types of coaching, not just business coaching. Everyone who was anyone had a life coach, and in that coaching niche, this is where the coaching concept of "the answer is within you and I'll help you get it out" finds it's true home.

These days during 2008 and 2009, as a result of the global financial crisis, it's a very different story. People have had to tighten their belts and only spend what money they have on necessities. They are prioritizing their spending and they want guaranteed and specific results for their dollar.

If your coaching isn't producing these specific results, you are going to have a very difficult time earning six or seven figures a year in this profession. This is the only reason I say coaching is dead. It's not that coaching as an industry is dead it is simply that many coaching niches and ideas are dead or on life support.

Let me give you some background. I started coaching over a decade ago. I had then and still do have a passion for helping others. I told people that I planned to make a million a year as a coach, and many of them thought I was bonkers until they learned I had made just under $500,000 in my first year then they stopped laughing at me and started listening to me.

When I started making 6 and 7 figures from my coaching business by changing the model of coaching, people stopped merely listening and starting asking me to show them they how they could do the same thing. In a nutshell, my methods didn't and still don't involve the text-book coaching we we're all taught, and it is not what I teach my own coaching students.

So, what was I doing differently? A few things, including in-person coaching, seminars and masterminding with groups. These days I include the option for clients to meet with me for one full day in my home and also attend seminars and mastermind sessions and have follow up telephone coaching for a year. It's a comprehensive program that packs a powerful punch.

The point is, I experimented and tried many techniques and I didn't become a huge success by doing what everybody else did and was told to do. I created a formula for success based on my own personal years of business experience, and I found as I put the pieces of the formula together that they began to work in harmony bringing even bigger and faster results.

What intrigued me was that as I shared my successful formula with others along the way, it didn't create the same success for them as it was doing for me. This was another valuable lesson: knowledge alone won't create a successful coaching business but action and implementation of the formula will.

Not all coaches we're ready to jump on board with my "radical" coaching ideas and I had to find honest and meaningful methods to influence their thinking and persuade them to give the new ideas a trial. I suspect the most powerful of my techniques was simply walking my talk and proving my ideas worked by showing that they worked. Then, with those coaches who did try my ways and succeeded, I encouraged them to do the same with their own clients.

As it turned out, there we're other things I was doing differently to other coaches that also made a difference.

One of the other things I found different was that I was truly excited and passionate about my business and the coaching industry and driven to succeed with loads of self motivation and business knowledge and experience at my disposal. But more than that, I was using this when coaching my clients. I was not keeping my opinions to myself and I was out there offering my advice of course, I didn't force or expect anyone to take it, but I always put it out there and I was criticized by the general coaching community for doing so.

It's like this, having a cheerleader on your team to motivate you is one thing, but if you pretty much know what you want and just want an expert to help you achieve it, the traditional coaching method is not going to help you achieve that. This is also another reason why I don't do personal coaching people want to see and measure 'value'. Personal and life coaching are dead niches. Why? Well, while this type of coaching may help clients feel good or give them the courage to find out what they'd prefer to be doing and go do it, but it is entrepreneurial coaching that gives my clients financial breakthroughs, which is a serious and very tangible result that they are willing to pay for.

This bears repeating my clients don't pay me thousands of dollars just to have me ask them questions trying to find their inner answers. They pay for my business savvy and advice they want my opinions. When they ask me "What would you do?" I tell them. When they ask me "What should I do?" I discuss their options and yes, persuade them to choose wisely.

I am a qualified and certified Master Coach and I call myself one but I am more than that. I am also a mentor and a consultant and I use all the techniques available in order to serve my clients in the best way I know.

If you are a "life coach", consider working with small business owners. Not only is not being successful in their small business a huge personal issue for them, they have work/life balance issues that go along with that. By helping them create real financial value for them, you will also create prosperity in your own business. I learned years ago that if I help other people create wealth in their business, then automatically wealth is created in my business.

I couldn't have achieved this level of mutual success if I had stuck to the coaching methods I'd been taught. It was because I knew how to positively influence and persuade my clients that we both saw these amazing results.

To make six and seven figures as a coach, you must learn and keep on learning how to bring your clients financial success fast. Entrepreneurs make great clients because they are prepared to take a few risks, step outside the square and consider the possibilities.

Why do entrepreneurs need coaches? Well, they read books, attend seminars, listen to home study programs, etc. to get the knowledge they need to move forward, which is great, except they often don't know how to put that newfound knowledge into practice or they are overwhelmed and all over the place, lacking structure. That's where a business coach comes in, to help them implement what they have learned.

I think we'd all agree that shifting client beliefs is the basis of all coaching helping our clients uncover beliefs that are holding them back and encouraging new beliefs to help them move past those blockages and move forward. We do this with our entrepreneurial and business clients, too, although their challenges are not quite the same. We still need to know how to shift our business clients' business to become successful and I have a proven method for doing that and it doesn't involve asking questions and letting my clients figure it out for themselves by the answers they come up with.

Coaching is not just about asking good questions and being a powerful listener. It's about having a systematic process that you lead clients through which results in their success. You can't do this using the coach training methods we we're taught. You have to know what you're doing and what you're talking about so you can talk confidently with your clients. You have to realize they have hired you not for your clever questions and listening skills, but because they want you to tell them what to do or at least give them the options to choose from to help them move forward quickly. They want your expertise. They want you to share your knowledge and experience with them. That's really what they're paying you for.

Part of how I was able to easily persuade people to choose me as their coach was not just because I had developed a successful track record, but because I was influencing them on other levels to see me as the expert they needed.

When I held masterminds and interviews and teleclasses with people like Chet Holmes, Yanik Silver, Alex Mandossian, Raleigh Pinsky and other experts who we're already seen as great coaches and experts, people hired me. When I hired expensive coaches armed with knowledge like Scott Hallman, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, Zig Ziglar, Michael Gerber, Joe Bauer, Paul Hartunian and others, my clients realized that by working with me they got to tap into many other experts and now we're getting information from many top authors and coaches through me.

As a coach it is important to be connected to other more successful coaches who will benefit your business and your clients' businesses. It sends out positive signals to your potential clients and influences them in their decision making about who to hire, but ultimately, they will hire the coach who can solve their problems.

Years ago when I first started coaching and ventured out with a formal business partner, we did a joint call and I was talking about helping people and solving their problems. She said that as coaches we don't help people in that manner and they have to solve their own problems. She said that's not the role of the Coach we don't solve your problems, we help YOU solve your own problems!

At that moment, I realized we could no longer be in business together we we're not in agreement on even the most basic points. She believed what a lot of coaches we're being taught, but I believed people hired other people and bought their products and services to help them solve their problems. After all, if they could solve their problems themselves, why on earth would they pay you good money to stand on the side and cheer while they figured it out for themselves?

As a student also of human behavior and psychology, I know that unless you have a solid benefit of removing problems for people, you will never have a successful business because people are strongly motivated to buy something if it is going to solve their problems.

Entrepreneurs hire coaches like me because they want help to function as business owners and not as worker bees. They want a business they love and that is successful they don't want a JOB. They want success and wealth and freedom versus a business that is struggling and taking up all their time and draining them as it sucks the energy from them on a daily basis. They certainly don't want to spend thousands of dollars and waste months analyzing their answers to my clever questions in the hope of coming up with their own solutions.

I am also an entrepreneur and I'm dealing with people who can be as headstrong as myself and just as determined and the only way I can help them step up to the plate and be responsible for their success and move their blocks out of the way is by being persuasive and being able to influence them to see things from other perspectives and try on new ideas. If I sat back and got them to only follow what was inside of them and what they believed would be right for them, I could be sitting back watching them head for more of the same mediocrity if not absolute disaster. And that's not what they hire me for. After all, they've tried it their way and it isn't working now they're ready to try something different.

In 1983, Zig Ziglar said "You can have anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want." Truer words we're never spoken! From my experience, the only way to successfully achieve that involves stepping outside the confines of traditional coach training and sharing your knowledge. It involves having the courage to influence your clients in the right direction rather than sit back and let them walk into mistakes. They don't hire me to help them make mistakes so they can learn from them they hire me so they won't make mistakes in the first place!

Don't get me wrong. My aim is to help my clients reach their goals and we work from their agenda, not mine. It's not about what I want it's about what they want. But I will use my influence to persuade them to take certain other actions or see and do things differently when I know for a fact, from experience and my knowledge, that on this occasion, I do know better than they do. After all, that's what they're paying me for. I know some other coaches may cringe when they hear how I advise my clients and give them my opinions and suggestions but do they share the same success levels that I do? No.

If you know your client is thinking about or planning to waste thousands of dollars on a plan or idea that is inappropriate for his business and it won't work, and you know he would be better off following a different course of action, how can you help him if you follow the traditional coaching methods, in which you, as Coach, don't try to lead him because he's "got the answers within him"? He doesn't have your knowledge or experience his inner guidance is off because he doesn't have all the facts, but you do. And why should he pay anyone if he already has the answers in him?

I've had success with my clients because I don't pussy-foot around in situations like this. Of course, the final action is up to him, but generally, people don't pay me $1500 to ask for my advice and then go and do something else. This client doesn't need a cheerleader as much as he needs somebody with business savvy who knows what they're talking about who can advise him and give him better options and tell him, quite frankly, when he's about to make a big mistake and point him in the right direction.

Good coaches have been influencing their clients for years, despite the flack and negative attention we received in the early days from other Coaches who did it by the book. They soon changed their mind when they saw our success and that of our clients. Despite what is becoming a turnaround in thinking, there are still those who cringe at the notion of what I do and how I do it. They think "persuade" and "influence" are dirty words. What they don't realize is we influence and persuade people every day, and so do they.

When we market our businesses, what are we doing? We're trying to influence people and persuade them to buy our products and services sign up for our newsletters click on our ads follow our tweets and blogs open our emails attend our workshops and seminars, etc. We're certainly not asking potential clients to look within to see if using our services resonates with them!

Everybody is doing it: salespeople, advertisers, copywriters, school teachers we're all trying to influence others and persuade them to do something. We can't just hand over the information and leave it at that, because as I mentioned at the beginning, I learned from personal experience that this just wasn't enough. You have to persuade them to take action on the information you give them only then will what you are offering be of value because only then will they see tangible results.

Yet do we teach persuasion skills in our schools? Do coaching programs include it in their curriculum? Why do people only think salespeople need persuasion skills? We all need these skills.

If you are a coach who has been coaching from the 'old school method', then it is definitely time you threw away your text books and stepped outside your box the bottom line is if you don't know how to persuade and influence people, you and your business will go nowhere.

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