It is not exactly news that doing the same thing over and over again,...

It is not exactly news that doing the same thing over and over again, day in and day out, can be very damaging psychologically. This can lead to long term depression, loss of energy and motivation, and even have an impact on your physical health.

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Let me quickly qualify the above statement by adding that I am referring here to a Day Job that you don't feel is You Calling, Your Passion which is true for the majority of world populace.

I don't want this post to be just problem-oriented, so here are a few points that I believe can be of practical value to you. For me this is a lengthy topic, so I will break it into multiple posts. Lets start with two important points!

1. Quit your job.

The conventional wisdom out there is to never quit your day job until you have something else lined up. This is a horrible advice for a simple reason: most people who wait for the right circumstances will never be able to leave their job.

There is no risk. Risk is one of these meaningless terms because it's value and meaning so strongly depend on the frame of reference. You may be diagnosed with terminal stage cancer tomorrow and your perspective on life and risk-taking would likely change quickly and dramatically.

Every so often I see articles on the unfortunate people with a terminal illness. They suddenly feel a strong urge to realize their dreams, complete their bucket lists, before they die. It makes me wonder: what the heck is wrong with us that we wait for a terminal illness to finally start living?

Why so many people chose unhappiness over uncertainty? It is because they are wrong in their thinking that uncertainty can be avoided or even that it should be avoided.A guy I worked with at my former day job was occasionally talking about how he would like to learn web designing and start his own web designing company. But the first thing he did when he arrived at work was launch the web browser to read the news. I bet this is also the first thing he does when he arrives home from work.

Learn to embrace and thrive with Uncertainty.

He does not understand that nobody has quenched their thirst from thewordwater. You need to take consistent and meaningful action, rather than talk endlessly about what you will do one day when the circumstances are right (by the way, a tip to save you decades of wasted time: circumstances will never be right).

Paul Graham wrote that, statistically, if you want to avoid failure when launching a start-up, it would seem like the most important thing is toquit your day job.

Unlike a lot of people, I believe that the prospect of an empty fridge and homelessness is something positive, not negative, because for a lot of us it is the only ultimate motivator to push ourselves outside our comfort zones. And what's the worst that can happen? Bankruptcy? Many people are surprised to learn that a lot of successful people (successful in the material sense) either went through bankruptcy or we're very near it (some examples are Henry Ford, Walt Disney, H.J. Jeinz or Donald Trump). In fact, some of the biggest billionaires say they've bankrupted three or four companies on their way up.

As Steven J. said: Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

2. Have nothing on your Not-To-Do List

If you want to create the life that you have imagined, you must have nothing on your Not-to-do List.

I will give you two examples here, one of a popular American self-help author and motivational speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and a personal one.

On the left, employee no. 1 at an Internet start-up in China that I am co-founding.

Would you pursue your dreams if it involved spending months driving across the USA, sleeping in a car, sneaking showers in hotels, not seeing your family for months, if this was the best way to promote your book?

This is what Wayne Dyer did. He bought the first printing of his book, converted his garage into a warehouse, and spent months driving across America, covering most states, leaving his books for free in bookshops (he would only get paid if the books sold) and doing local radio talk shows to promote the book (which spent 64 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list through November 13, 1977, including a spot at number one on the week of May 8, 1977).

Not only that, he quit a job as a university professor, without any guarantee of success, having achieved tenure (which meant guaranteed income for the rest of his life). He gave it all up to pursue his passion and create the life he desired.

In other words, achieving success requires real, concerted effort. You should not be worried about perceptions, looking silly, meaningless concepts (in the Absolute sense) like risk-taking or breaking social conventions.

You must leave your comfort zone well behind if you are going to have a shot at achieving "success".

Wayne Dyer likely received the same reaction from his friends and family that I received when I quit my high status day job (at a similar age of 37 years old), a lifestyle with a guaranteed income for a very, very long time, if I only chose so (the company has been trading for over 30 years and was doing very well indeed).

Not only I quit a top notch job in a tough economy, I did it to start a technology company on the other side of the planet (in China), without any guarantees of success. And I am willing to do whatever it takes, including learning the Chinese language and spending months in China at a time.

In other words, achieving success requires real, concerted effort. You shouldnot be worried about perceptions, looking silly, meaningless concepts (in the Absolute sense) like risk-taking or breaking social conventions.

(You must have nothing on your Not-To-Do List (provided, of course, that your actions do not willingly harm other people).

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